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Getting Started: From Zero To Jogger

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We have had numerous discussions over a wide-variety of running topics in the five years since the inception of CHRunners and the Running Forum. To commemorate this upcoming anniversary I have decided to develop a series of training threads, hopefully relatively straight forward, which will be put in the “Sticky” topic menu here. Similar types of discussions often crop up, so if a CH user has a running question or questions that have been discussed at length in the past they will have easy to access sources and following discussion.

I will start with the very basics, how to get started as a runner, to base training, to preparing for various standard distances all the way from middle distances to the marathon. Eventually I’d like to add a variety of other topics, related to running and racing. The first few sticky threads will appear this week. Others will follow, perhaps not as rapidly.
For now apologies in advance for all typos, errors and other forms of faux pas.
“RWK” November 2012

Getting Started: From Zero To Jogger
Status: New runner, past runner but a long time ago, returning from long-term injury
Goal: Be able to jog three times a week for 30 minutes
Time to Reach Goal: Two weeks to several months (depends on age and general fitness level)
Gear: shoes, shorts, a top (usually), some socks

Let’s Go!
Everybody starts out as a jogger, even the elite runners did at one point.  For decades running 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week has been a standard goal for maintaining fitness. And yes, if you can run 30 minutes three times a week, you are ready complete a 5K fun run or race.

We’ll assume that you are relatively healthy, any injuries have cleared, and you are not excessively overweight. If any of those do apply then (A) consult your doctor and (B) count on taking some more time to begin and/or get to your goal of this phase: to run 30 minutes non-stop three times a week.

Like tires for your car, decent shoes are important. If you can, support your local running specialty shop and try to find a good pair of shoes. In this day that is not always easy, and that’s why the specialty store will help you because the sellers are usually pretty knowledgeable and they can help evaluate your needs and maybe your biomechanics so that you can get a decent shoe.

Walking and Running. To start you should be able to walk 20-30 minutes reasonably comfortably. If that’s a challenge then start with less then try build up so you can walk up to 30 minutes at time, three times a week. For those who can run a little, time to get started. An important thing to consider is how often. If you are really committed then 6 days a week is a good start. So you might start at a total of two or three hours a week dedicated to exercise.

At first alternate a “running” day with a walking day. And when you are just getting started you can count steps of running/walking; later it will be by minutes. Here is a sample schedule. Some might be able to skip ahead to the middle of the schedule or even into the final weeks, while others might even take longer than 12 weeks to be able to run 30 minutes, three times a week. Where you start and how fast you proceed will depend on your current fitness level, health, and age.


This is going to be a seriously valuable resource.

Thank you.  :)


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This is going to be a seriously valuable resource.

Thank you.  :)

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