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Lesson 1: Aperture
Lesson 2: Depth of Field
Lesson 3: Shutter Speed
Lesson 3: Addendum: Shutter Speed and Motion
Lesson 4: ISO
Lesson 5: Composition
Lesson 6: Lighting
Lesson 7: Color Temperature and White Balance
Lesson 8: Flash
Lesson 9: Filters and Accessory Lenses
Lesson 10: Internal Camera Mechanisms

PS Lesson 1: Cloning
PS Lesson 2: HDR

Everything after Lesson 2 is tentative at this point.  I just want a central repository for the ideas.

how about a PS lesson on layers/masks? like, sometimes i make the sky darker when making the ground lighter with a mask, but that interface between mask/unmask is sometimes too obvious and i'm too lazy to read about it. thanks!

The darker sky/lighter ground is actually HDR (High Dynamic Range).  Layers will have to be discussed in both the Cloning AND HDR lessons, so maybe it does make sense to separate out the Layers into a lesson of it's own before either of the others...

I hope to resume these sometime next week. :)

I just got a camera this weekend, and now happily enrolled in the Heavy Feet Photography Course.



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