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They have a good training log. -

Feel free to add to this list.

active - has a great 5K training program for only $20...

greedy bastards!


The simplest log I've ever seen... probably too simple for most people, but it's better than pen and paper for me.

What about Couch-to-5k and One Hour Runner?  They're now in the clutches of Active, and they have been useful to so many people - and if anyone should be making money out of them, it would be Josh Clark, Liam and Katherine Switzer.

Couch to 5k Beginner's Program and Robert Ullrey's Couch-to-5k podcasts

One Hour Runner

I have both programs saved to disk, so if those links go dead, email me at russellsparadox AT hotmail DOT com (replacing AT with @ and DOT with . and removing the spaces).

ETA: has a whole lot of links gathered in one place.

ETAA: The Newbie FAQ:

Oh, very cool!


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