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"Running For Good" - Rich Roll Podcast
« on: October 12, 2018, 10:50:08 AM »
Running for Good | Rich Roll Podcast

Vegan since she was 6 years old, Fiona is an extraordinary athlete and exemplary human hailing from the UK who holds four world records for marathon running. Perhaps best known as the world’s fastest woman to run a marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole, in 2013 Fiona won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. But what makes her accomplishments all the more amazing is that at age 14 she was told she would never walk properly, let alone run, due to an illness that required more than 17 radical knee surgeries that culminated in the removal of her entire right knee cap.

This week marks the release of this dynamic duo’s latest creative collaboration, a new documentary entitled Running For Good. Visually arresting, the film follows Fiona as she attempts to set a new world record and complete Marathon des Sables – a 250km race through the Sahara routinely dubbed the toughest footrace on Earth.

Fiona runs not for podiums or glory, but instead to promote a compassionate way of living and break the stereotype that veganism holds you back from anything — all while tending to her true passion, operating Tower Hill Stables, where she cares for more than 450 rescued animals everyday.


For the visually inclined you’re not going to want to miss the video version of the podcast, which includes clips from the movie itself.

The amazing thing is that this woman claims that she doesn't really like running, but uses it as a means to bring attention to her shelter and other animal welfare programs
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