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Curing leg cramps


So my main activity is cycling.  I'm doing two or three granfondos/sportives per year.  The last two years I've developed leg cramps while riding these events.  I'm never bothered during training rides.  This year was the worst - I fought off leg cramps for about 50 kilometers.  I tried to up my electrolytes thinking that would be the cure.  I typically use dilute gatorade at the start and then drink whatever they provide. 

A friend suggested more salt.  He told me a friend started using the high salt cliff blocks and cured his leg cramp issue.  Anyone have any experience with this - cramping up just sucks. 

When I started eating pretzels on long rides, I saw a reduction in leg cramps riding.  A lot of cyclists drank V8 on rides too.

I do sort of get them frequently in real life though, but if I eat a lot of spinach (potassium) and take magnesium at night, I don't have them in the middle of the night anymore.  I eat a lot of salt.   

Run Amok:
Not so much on bike rides but running yes. Magnesium  (outside of the ride) helped. If you can tolerate shot blocks, the margarita flavor is good.  Or tge salted carmel gu. Salt,  specifically helps during excercise. The general electrolytes not as much. If you can't tolerate something like gu/shot bloks, then the salt tabs work too.

I can handle GU shot blocks - I tend to go for the caffeinated ones because I find the caffeine a great help in the later stages of a long ride.  This last time I didn't have time to get the GU brand ones and used Cliff Shots. 

I'm also thinking of finding a tablet based electrolyte system for longer rides.  I've been using dilute gatorade on my training rides backed up by Miosport, but I think I need something better.  I don't know what they had at the fondo this weekend, but my stomach felt like crap by the end.

nuun tablets


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