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Server Operating System Upgrade

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Newer OS version is available.  Actually, it has been for a while.

The upgrade would erase ALL data!  This would necessitate backing up everything and restoring after the update.
Also, the server would be unavailable for a period of time.  Could be hours or days.

Downsides?  Oh yeah.  Murphy tells us that the forum could be forever useless once that is done and we would have to start it up again from scratch.  On the other hand, not upgrading could eventually bite us.

So...  The options:

1) If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
2) Do the upgrade and hope for the best.
3) If the upgrade breaks the forum.
     A) Re-install and start from scratch.
     B) It was good while it lasted.  See you around.

Unidentified Flying Urchin:
I say 2 followed by 3A. I appreciate the time and effort, whatever you decide.


Whatever you decide, I'm fine with.  I'm very grateful that you've provided this space for us. 



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