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Hiii Golden God!

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All others welcome, too. If you’re not interested, please feel free to scroll past, sans comment. I chose GG because they, like I, have no pre-set peeps here, and I’m interested in their take…but others can comment, too. This thread intended for lighthearted banter only.

Obi Wan—continue beyond 1 season? End it here?
Golden State—all that, or all that AND a bag o chips?
Stranger Things—Eddie helps Nancy escape with his Upside Down guitar shredding? Does he escape? Any notable deaths to come this season?
Better Call Saul—Kim lives or dies? Saul sees her again in Nebraska? Whither Lalo?
Holey Moley—is there anything more compelling than competitive mini golf?

Other questions?

Golden God:
Welcome, Jivan.

Are you jive-talking?

I'd probably watch more Obi, if they brought it back. Don't know if they should.

Any team that denies the Celtics is aces high in my book!

Eddie is a riff on Eddie Van Halen, this actor is his Doppelganger. So he plays "Eruption" and destroys the upside down.

Kim lives, reunites with Saul in Nebraska, and they move to Los Angeles. End credits to Randy Newman's "I love LA"

Holey Moley make me happy. Though I haven't played miniature golf in 15 years.

Lolz. It’s from a book I read a while back.

Vecna just gives up in the face of a mere mortal who can play Eruption. :D

Mini golf is fabbo! Looking forward to checking out some new-to-me FL mini golf next week! Plus, pickle ball! And, maybe legit golf-golf…macro-golf?  :D

Golden God:
There's a park near me with track and pickleball courts. I choose the track.

But pickleball is an emerging pastime down here!

Running is great and all, but life holds other entertainments, too!


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