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Workout equipment in covid-world


I haven't been doing the gym for about a year, just running and body weight stuff. I have a variety of hand weights but I'd really like a bench but everyone is totally sold out. Any store that's open has zero fitness equipment and I'm wondering if I should just get something on back order.

I put an ad up on Facebook and was presented with "please come take this rusty trash from my basement for $40 please" stuff. Any ideas?

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$40 for rusty trash is a bargain these days.  I see people selling their rusty weightlifting bars (so no spin, not good) for $400 on a crossfitter buy-sell page and getting it.  ;;}

I'd go on a waitlist if I were you. Also if you have Play It Again Sports or similar used equipment place in your town, could be an option?

I ordered this one from a place in CA called Finerform. The reviews are good and they claim it's in stock and will be here within 8 days. Not exactly what I wanted but it will do until I can get into a show room.

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We’ve seen the same thing here. The day the lockdown was announced here I made DH drive 40 miles so he could buy a weight machine. He thought I was insane, but he’s a gym addict and I knew not being able to work out would be a huge issue. When they delivered it they told him the next day they were sold out of every single item.

In states like ours, where gyms and personal training has been shut down, I wonder if you’re going to see a next wave of cheap equipment available as places close.

I’ve been looking for a set of dumbbells for him for his b-day and there is still just nothing to be found.


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